10 EASY things you SHOULD be investing in to Grow your Time & Money:

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

The key purpose of investing is to eventually see growth in what you’ve invested in. Whether this be in things such as your wellbeing, financially or academically.

seeing growth is exciting and can be inpiring to see, it can uplift your mood in an instance and push you to invest over and over again!

So here’s just a small list of 5 things you could and should invest in:

1- Your future; its important, its there, and nomatter what, you cant avoid it. understanding that youll get to a certain age nomatter what, so why no do what you want to do, career wise for example, go educated yourself and try new things! youll grow and change, so why not try something new, again, and again!

2- Your finances; growing your finances can be a HUGE stresss reliver, money can and probably has brought problems upon you in your life, so why not get ontop of it!
Whether you decide to hold your money in a high interest bank account for a safe small bonus, or investing your money in the stock market or dare i say it the crypto markets! your money could make you money (not garanteed and isnt as safe as holding in a bank account)

3- Your time; its also important, so why not make the most of it, spending your money to save you time could be a great way to save you time, think more: buy a cleaner robot so you dont have to vaccum, washer drier combo so save time on double handling, also ive heard some Americans dont know about electric kettles and still boil it on a stove top? get an electric kettle!

4- Your relationships; spend time in catching up with your friends, make new ones, talk and smile with strangers, be nice
growing relationships can simply just mean your friend bubbles and doesnt have to mean dating!

5- Learning a skill; learning skills can make big and small tasks a breeze learn to type, write and read faster, learn how to do things such as quick math! ti comes handy throughout life ;)
you can also learn little tricks such as juggling and maybe even learn to ride a skateboard or swim!

have a good day and remember to smile :)